Davey Civils have grown to become a well-respected South East regional contracting business, providing below ground civil engineering solutions to Highways, Water and Commercial sector clients.

Davey Civils delivers a broad range of below ground pipeline and sewer solutions across the South of the UK for clients within the Highways and Water sectors in both urban & non urban environments: These capabilities include laying of:

  • All forms of small to large diameter pipework
  • Rising mains
  • Full drainage and sewer waste & clean water schemes
  • Sustainable Drainage Solutions (SUDs)
  • Testing/Chlorination

Davey Civils will carry out all excavation and construction works to enable these pipe laying activities. Involvement with projects at an early stage allows us to positively manage.

  • Environmentally sensitive challenges
  • Selection of installation methodology & appropriate safe systems of works
  • Design development Delivery within the specified time & commercial constraints
  • Quality handover process.

Davey Civils design and install bespoke trench sheet cofferdams both cantilever or propped, utilising fabricated steel or hydraulic framing. The design process considers the load cases involved in the construction and dismantling of the cofferdam. From this, we are able to calculate the minimum Sheet penetrations, bending moments and shear forces to determine the safest and most cost effective solutions. We commonly install systems for:

  • Underground water attenuation systems
  • Pumping Stations
  • Basements
  • Interceptors
  • Pipe installations

Launching / reception shafts

As a vital part of tunnelling and various ‘no dig’ techniques, trench sheeting is an ideal method of construction for both launch and reception pit excavations. Replacement of the lower bracing frames with a concrete base not only provides a perfect working platform but also provides the required headroom to operate different types of tunnelling equipment for Thrust & Auger Bores.

Davey Civils provides a full package of shaft sinking, pipe jacking and solutions across the UK.

We also have extensive experience in the more traditional methods of hand excavated tunnelling in the form of timber headings.

Segmental Shafts

Segmental shafts vary in size from 1.52m up to 25m diameter and to depths up to around 50m. They are constructed using either underpinning or caisson techniques and can be jacked into position where necessary.

Segmental shafts are installed for a variety of uses including: Jacking and reception pits for tunnels, storage tanks, pumping stations and manholes.

Deep Excavations

Davey Civils specialise in deep excavations and trench excavation work. With our large fleet of excavators, coupled with the expertise of our personnel, we are able to cope with the deepest and largest of excavations.

Deep excavations secured using cofferdams provide safe working environments in most types of ground conditions, to allow the construction and installation of structures and tanks.

Traditional Tunnelling

Davey Civils have extensive experience in both modern and traditional methods of tunnelling. Timber Headings are being used less and less but in some cases where access is a problem then they are the only answer. They are constructed using a man made timber frame to support the hand excavated tunnel.

Once the pipe work or ducting has been installed within the heading then the remaining void is usually filled in using either grout or concrete. They can be installed in a variety of different strata ranging from dewatered sand to rock.

Davey Civils undertakes reinforced concrete structure (RCS) projects as either part of our civils package as a main contractor or stand alone basis. Predominately working within the water and waste water infrastructure and for local authorities we also carry out projects for private and main contractors. Our typical structures include:

  • WWTW and WTW new build and refurbishment
  • Flood Alleviation Schemes

Water treatment works (WTW) new build / refurb

Davey Civils has a proven track record in this area of the civil engineering business, with numerous completed new builds and refurbishment projects within Waste water and water treatment works.

Typical structures include Circular Humas and Settlement Tanks & Pumping stations

Flood alleviation

Davey Civils have substantial expertise in the management and installation of flood protection. We offer value engineered solutions to meet our client needs.