Our Aim

To be key a strategic partner to top tier contractors, be engaged with at tender stage, listen to their needs and contribute to the development of possible solutions & demonstrate added value through efficient delivery.  


As a progressive forward looking and responsible organisation our aim is to provide a quality product and service in line with specified customer requirements and pre-determined compliance criteria, while at the same time ensuring compliance with applicable legislation.

Supply Chain

We understand that the supply chain is integral to delivering if complex projects. We are committed to operating in a collaborative and sustainable manor in order to support our clients deliver efficient and innovate solutions.


The Directors and management of Davey Civils recognise the environmental implications of its activities and are committed to the achievement and maintenance of high operational standards as well as continual improvement, to ensure a high level of environmental protection. As part of our business strategy we undertake to monitor and revise where necessary our policies, procedures and practices which may negatively impact upon the environment. We will always endeavour to ensure continual improvement, prevent environmental damage and to operate in a sustainable manner.

Health & Safety

Davey Civils regards the legal health and safety requirements as a minimum standard and expects that delivery targets to be achieved without compromising health and safety criteria.

It is the firm belief of the business that, by having a sound attitude to Health and Safety requirements, not only will the well-being of the employees be assured, but also the business will ultimately be more efficient and thus more profitable.